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Master Guo Zhifeng

Guo Zhifeng, 30 years old, born in Han Dan, Hebei, China in 1982. He began learning Shaolin Wu Shu with the old Buddhist monk, Shi Yong Di in the Shaolin temple from the age of eight years old. Master Guo achieved good grades at the Shaolin temple. He started performing some Kung Fu demonstration shows at 13. By 15, he stood out and was quite famous in the Shaolin temple. He became a Wu Shu master when he was 17 years old. Master Guo became the top office master at the Shaolin Wu Shu college in the Middle East when he was 19 years old. At 21, he joined the Shaolin Kung Fu Monk Corps, the highest institution in the Shaolin Temple. He soon became the office master of Shaolin Kung Fu Monk Corps. During this period, he visited each state many times, communicating, observing and teaching. In 2006, he was invited to serve as martial arts action director in Singapore and represented the Singapore martial arts association for large-scale performance. Master Guo represented the Shaolin temple and became the Shaolin Wu Shu master in Morocco. He also was the Shaolin Kung Fu Senior Consultant in Germany. And was the consultant for Shaolin Martial Arts Association in Netherlands. Master Guo was a top monk responsible for protecting the Shaolin temple. He was a top-level master in the Shaolin Kung fu Monks Corps. He excels at Shaolin Kung fu, Tai chi, qi gong , Kick-boxing and various the traditional martial arts.


Shaolin Club Pte Ltd. 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 07-27 Singapore 569139 (t): 8787 9777 (e): zhifeng@shaolin-club.com