Immersive experience martial arts culture, Shaolin Club launched the effort to travel this activity, from the Forbidden City in Beijing to Henan Dengfeng Shaolin Temple, the participants can enjoy the scenic way to taste the local cuisine, learn martial arts and Shaolin monks, feel historicShaolin Chan Wu culture. The event tour attractions including the Beijing Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Shaolin Temple, San Juan Village, two ancestral Um, Dharma Cave, His Holiness Temple, the Yongtai Temple, Zhongyuemiao Longmen Grottoes, Songyang Academy, the White Horse Temple attractions. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, the taste of food, participants will taste authentic Beijing roast duck, dumplings Park delicious dumplings, Zhongyuan variety of pasta in the wild in the mountains, eat local specialties countryside cuisine, snacks, and Shaolin club participants exclusive privileges that in the Shaolin Temple and Shaolin monk total meal experience the excellent flavor Shaolin vegetarian. Kung fu travel, there will be the opportunity to learn together in the Shaolin Temple and Shaolin monks practice with the Shaolin traditional fist, soft boxing, tai chi, internal organs Heart Baduanjin with Shaolin monks to join the meditation courses. Will also be arranged to visit the Yasukuni Shaolin Temple abbot, he and everyone with the exchange of martial arts experience, explore various practice of Shaolin martial arts, Cheyne effort in learning exchanges. Kung Fu end of the trip, we will get a certificate and a souvenir of this visit to the Yasukuni, and posed for pictures, and you master!






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